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A girl who has self esteem issues so makes 'friends', and keeps loose regular contact with, as many guys as possible while never actually putting out for any of them. Often thinks she is hotter than she actually is.
That chick is just a boner collector bro, let her go, you're never going to get any.
#cock collector #collector #cock tease #teaser #boner
by The Dr B March 26, 2007
Pre-emptive acknowledgement of something that may or may not have been agreed.

1> Used in an attempt to pre-empt further discussion by assuming agreement.

2> Used to reinforce agreement when it is mutually assumed.

3> Used as a greeting to imply the discussion or meeting occurance was previously agreed upon.
1> "Meet at Westbahnhof as agreed" - When you are at Westbahnhof and want your friends to come without discussion.

2> "So should I come around to your house as agreed?"
"Yeah man, as agreed!"

3> "As agreed bro, how have you been?"
#agreement #agree #disagree #disagreement #acknowledge
by The Dr B February 01, 2008
The third Sunday in every month when everyone puts on their thundercap and Thunderdome is opened
I cant believe Thunday came around so fast this month
#thunderdome #thundercap #battle #thunderhole #comfortable house
by The Dr B January 22, 2007
A head piece worn when battling in Thunderdome
Put on your thundercaps everybody, we're opening Thunderdome!
#thunderdome #thunday #battle #comfortable house #thunderhole
by The Dr B January 22, 2007
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