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A blow job or cunnilingus in which the recipient's genitalia is covered in Tapatio hot sauce and, if available, fresh japalenos. After the recipient cums, the blower spits the concoction into a bowl. Both proceed to eat it with Bearitos All-Natural Tortilla Chips.
Wow Melonie, that Spicy Tom sure did hit the spot!

That Bar Mitzvah would have really sucked without the Spicy Tom.

This Spicy Tom is making my eyes water!
by The Double Fister November 19, 2008
Definition 1: Originally used to describe someone who hogs shared pornographic magazines, it is more commonly used today in reference to people who use massive amounts of internet bandwidth to download and/or view porn.

Definition 2: Someone who makes hog-like grunts and/or squeals while masturbating to porn. It may or may-not be a form of foreplay.
Person 1: *knock knock* "Hey Gary, where's that Hustler?"
Gary: "Gimme like 5 minutes!"
Person 1 mutters: "what a porn hog...."

Larry: "WTF? Why won't facebook load?"
Barry: "I dunno, Terry's been in his room with the door shut all day though. He's probably Porn Hogging it..."
Larry: "Son of a bitch."

Person 1: "What in the world is that noise?"
*squeals, grunts, oinks*
Person 1: "I gotta get out of this fuckhole."
by The Double Fister November 30, 2010
A joke used to remind someone of their friend or relative's relationship to male genitelia.
Person: "Hey Steve. That class was so dickfor."

Steve: "What's a dickfor?"

Person: "Your Mom"/"Your Dad"/"Your Grandmother"/"Your asshole"/"Not your lesbian of a girlfriend"
by The Double Fister November 30, 2010

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