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3 definitions by The Dorky Darky

When you can see someone's genitals through a hole in their undergarments or, if they are "going commando", through a hole in their pants.
Tyanna: "Dude put on some real underwear I can see your balls."

Jami: "No, I am rockin' it tarpless."


Tyanna: "Dude you're tarpless."

Jami: "I know, Tyanna I know."
by The Dorky Darky May 10, 2010
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The hit after a "hero" hit when toking a bowl.
The hit that clears a bowl.
Hey man this hero hits got a sidekick!
by The Dorky Darky August 03, 2011
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An alcoholic enema involving the use of wine for the purposes of intoxication.
" Care for a winema?"

" No thank you, maybe next time."


" Man did you hear about that crazy party, I heard all those kids gave each other winema's!"
by The Dorky Darky May 10, 2010
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