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The Name Doolie is derived from a chick that easily gets on her knees it was invented by a local Northern Jersey celeb.

It has know become the name of the greatest high arch softball team in the history of the Ramsey High Arch Softball League. The Doolies are comprimised of 21 year olds residing from the Northern New Jersey area (especially Wyckoff, Indian Hills, Franklin Lakes and Fair Lawn). The Doolies are most well known for the atmosphere they bring to the most famous of Northern New Jersey softball leagues. They are in their 3rd season of play and will be dominating the league in no time.
WOW, did you see the lips on that Doolie?
Yeah, I'm sure that doolie would go down real easy.

Hey, did you happen to catch the score of the Doolie/Firehouse game?
Yea it was 35-5 DOOLIES of course
by The Doolie June 01, 2006

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