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Dolly is a way of describing ANYTHING that is cute or doll-like a.k.a Dollyesque! It can be a person, an outfit, a situation, an action, a movie, a phrase...ANYTHING!

It can also be used to identify someone who embodies Dollyesque traits.

A group of people who embody Dollyesque traits are known as a Dolly Crew, but only very few of these exist.
"Oh my god that outfit is so Dolly!"

"I got my foot stuck in the mud - it was SO not Dolly."

"Hey, Dolly!"
by The Dolly Crew May 03, 2006
Anything that can be described as dolly
I.e. Something cute and doll-like!
"Oh my gosh! That chihuahua is SO dollyesque!"
by The Dolly Crew May 03, 2006
A group of people (usually girls but I suppose it could be guys too...) who embody dollyesque traits and are 100% totally dolly!!!

Only very special groups of people are dolly enough to consider themselves a Dolly Crew.

All the dollies in the dolly Crew must make sure that hte other members are acting in a dolly way at all times.
"Yey! We're so Dolly! We're such a Dolly Crew!"

"Hey, Dolly Crew!"
by The Dolly Crew May 03, 2006

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