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Involuntary Fist Pumping Syndrome. When someone breaks out in a random frantic fist pumping rage as if there was a beat that was fighting them and they had to beat that beat back. Common cases of IFPS have been reported all over the Nation, but top medical scientists say that the Pandemic started In whats known as The Jersey Shore. A documentry on MTV named Jersey Shore showed how people live with IFPS, and how harmful it can become to ones mental health. Living IFPS was origanlly suppose to be and episode for TrueLife but MTV recoqnized the seriousness of the issue of IFPS so they decide to make a documentry instead. Symptoms include but are not limited to Violent Behaviors, Heavy Drinking, and in the worst cases people have been reported to fist pump to death. This sickness should not be ignored if your friends start to seem like they have IFPS you should follow Doctors Orders and not hang out with Douchebags.
Vinny: Yo it looks like Ronnie's got IFPS.

Mike (The Situation): Yeah man it does. Yo Ronnie beat that beat!
by The Doctor Thunder March 21, 2010
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