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A person that seemingly stalks and lives to write comments trashing or making fun of items you post on Facebook. This includes a buddy that will twist the post to bring up embarrassing situations about you.
Post: "Just had a great dinner at a new French restaurant."

Comment: "Was it like that time you took that chick you met on the internet to dinner and brought her home only to find out it was a transvestite?"

Reply: "Dude, don't be a fassassin."
by The District July 18, 2009
Colored lights on the top of a police car.
I knew I was being pulled over when the cop turned on the marble-box.
by The District May 03, 2008
The quivering effect that a woman can get during an orgasm which is similar to the effect that can happen when douching.
I gave that chick the douche quivers three times last night.
by The District August 09, 2007
To say that a girl is hot or that you would have sex with her.
Dude, check out that blond over there, zip!
by The District August 11, 2007

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