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Tewksbury, also known as T-bury or The Dirty Bury is a shitty suburb just outside of Boston.Tewksbury is known as one of the biggest drug towns in all of the Lowell area. Tewksbury is almost completely white people. The largest ethnic group in Tewksbury is the Irish followed by the Italians. It is within 15 minutes of some of the Largest Citys in New England, Boston, Lowell Ma, Lawrence Ma, and Nashua NH. Gang members are mostly kids who have moved to Tewksbury from the city. As there is a growing amount of people moving to Tewksbury from the ghettos of Lowell and Boston. Gangs present in Tewksbury are the Tiny Raskal Gang (TRG), Brown Mafia, multiple skinhead gangs, and of course the most notorious gang South Side Demons (SSD) they claim south Tewksbury as their turf. Tewksbury is a fast growing city of just over 31,000. The only nice section of Tewksbury is up at the tip of north Tewksbury. Tewksbury kids will often be smoking pot in a parking lot or behind an abandoned building, jumping other kids at livingston, breaking into cars, or buying weapons from dealers around town. The motel Caswell in Tewksbury is presently under investigation and is being shut down by the FEDERAL government due to 35 police reported drug and 15 prostitution crimes occuring there in the past 3 years and a working meth lab discovered in 2007 there. all of Tewksbury is a dump and id advise not to move there or even pass through there
on April 11, 2010 there was a gang related shooting outside the IHop restaurant in Tewksbury's Wamesit section.
by The Dirty Bury April 12, 2010
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