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Vocoder-esque effect on vocals you get when using Autotune with a fast response. Works better if the singer has almost perfect pitch as having bumpy pitch can make it modulate weirdly and just give the obvious message of "YOU CAN'T SING".
Kayne West is the notorious Daft Punk-esque fauxcoder expert.
Person 1: I got this awesome vocoder effect when I used pitch correction on my vocals.

Person 2: Can't you have just used a vocoder instead?

Person 1: Well, it's a fauxcoder then!
by The Digital Princess January 19, 2009
Someone who knows their shit about their technological area.

Used in conjunction with techknowledgeical
Person 1: Ok, so I basically took an oscillator, I chose a square wave, put a filter on it, set the cutoff at about half way, gave it a bit of resonance, chucked an LFO pulsating with a sawtooth waveform, set the attack for 200ms, gave it a long release and put a tad bit of distortion on it. When I played the sound, I played with the mod wheel and pitch bend to give it some character instead of just playing the one note. What a bassline!

Person 2: Wow, you're like the techknowledgey master!
by The Digital Princess January 19, 2009
Pwning your techknowledgeys.
Person 1: You're really good with that synthesizer there.

Person 2: Oh yeah, I modified it all by myself!

Person 1: You and your techknowledgeical advances.
by The Digital Princess January 20, 2009

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