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Any non-black girl dating a black guy.
Did you see Becky and Lashuandwan holding hands?
Yea, what a snicker licker.
by The Digerati January 09, 2005
One who fornicates with goats. May also wear a hat with "goat master" written on it.
Goat master
Raping 'em faster
Psudo goth kid is a rapin' it up!
by The Digerati January 09, 2005
Someone who is good with computers and/or the internet.
I just hacked the Air Force website after taking apart my whole computer and putting it back together blindfolded. Im such a fucking digerati.
by The Digerati January 09, 2005
Anyone who is your sidekick, or just anyone you ang out with in general. Comes from Jay and Silent Bob: Strike Back.
Yo Lunchbox, come here.
by The Digerati January 09, 2005
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