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A phallis plagued with deep craters from impacts with excessively abrasive vaginals. Also used as a derogitory term in Wisconsin.
Kyle: Boy, that was rough last night. I think I have moon dick.
Taylor: Why are you telling me?
by The Decafe Coffey October 17, 2008
First, you have locate a girl from the west coast and a girl from the east coast. Then, you have to find a solid gold dildo. Once you've aquired the solid gold dildo, you give it to the girls, who proceed to use it. This unites the west coast and east coast with a gold spike. Grant would be proud.
"President Grant, we've completed the Transcontinental Railroad."
"Marvelous! When can I ride it?"
"Hmm... I believe that's up to them sir."
by The Decafe Coffey April 01, 2009
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