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Menifee is a small city in Southern California. Much of the area consists of farmland and tract homes. The weather is pretty hot in the summer, frequently reaching triple digits. The homes are inexpensive and crime rates are low. If you're willing to drive an hour, you have everything you need at your disposal: beaches, mountains, etc. And if you like amusement parks, Menifee is less than two hours from Disneyland, Knott's, and Six Flags; the holy trinity of places to ride wooden roller coasters and buy mugs with a "close-enough" version of your name spelled on them.

There are the typical skaters, surfers, scenes, ravers, hicks, bro hoes, gangsters, as well as the lesser-seen hipsters, indie kids, art kids and Jesus-lovin',homeschooled kids. There's not a lot of hangout places in the town, so teens go on frequent pilgrimages to the Promenade Mall in Temecula. The girls wear Ugg boots with short shorts and tank tops. The boys let their trousers hang low like it's 1996. Once out of high school, nearly every Menifee teenager takes a year of classes at the Junior College, MSJC. Around this time, about half of the young MSJC attendees get into Death Cab for Cutie, wear plaid shirts and spend free time at Spindles Music Shack. The other half of the MSJC crop drops out because of an unwanted pregnancy, marries, and spends the rest of their lives listening to 102.7, spending hours on Facebook and reading one Stephan King novel a year.
Kyle (75% of boys in Menifee are named Kyle): "Man, I hate this town. I can't wait to get out of this suburban hell hole.
Jenny: "It's not so bad here. I mean, we just got that new four-room Forever 21 at the Promenade! If that ain't livin' large, I don't know what is!"
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by The Darling Child May 03, 2011
The feeling you get when you read about the love Beatle Paul McCartney and folk singer Paul Simon have for each other. It's like your heart swells three times as big and you just want to hug anybody named Paul.
Peggy: Hey bro, did you read that article about Paul Simon in the newest Rolling Stone which is issue #1130, published May 12th, 2011?
Mary Beth: You bet your bippy I did. I totally Paulgasmed when I read that part about McCartney singing "When I'm 64" to Simon on his 64th. That bromance is one hella chunka heart warming, if you know what I mean *winkwink*
#paulgasm #paul mccartney #paul simon #vanwyngasm #bromance
by The Darling Child May 03, 2011
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