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A cross or plus shaped bruise inflicted when the nose of a football contacts the flesh at velocities Elway routinely attained.
You fuckin rocketed that thing. I think it left an Elway cross.
by The Darkness June 12, 2006
A person usually girls who like one or more guys at a time and say how cute all of them are at once,or when they are around them
Person2:omg Gloria look at that cute guy over there

Gloria:Omg he's so cute but omg look at that guy he's super cute to!

Person 2:omg Gloria your so guypoler!!
by The darkness April 16, 2014
A rapidly spreading exploit of any windows system where the user hasn't patched their fucking brain to not run email attachments.
I run sobig daily to test my network equipment.
by The Darkness August 27, 2003
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