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A nasty liquid that forms/leaks/seaps out of the sphincter and spreads upon butt-crack (often after a bowel movement and/or anal sex) often giving and unclean, feel, sting, wetness and oder.

AKA: Ass Juice, Ass Leak
Jay's got Liquid Ass agian
#liquid ass #ass #wet #juice #ass juice #ass leak #anal #sphincter
by The Dark Raven July 10, 2008
EVGA is a video/TV tuner and PC hardware manufacture company that manufactures 2nd rate products that burn out within 2 months to one year, and if you don't have a receipt they won't help you... (nvida and amd don't require a receipt)
EVGA brand Hardware Accessories suck
#evga #hardware accessories #hardware #accessories #geforce gtx
by The Dark Raven July 10, 2008
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