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3 definitions by The Dalian

A game that deserves more than four definitions.

I hate you Velius!!!
If you have not played Final Fantasy Tactics yet go to your local GameStop and buy a copy NOW. Its a steal for $10 hell, it would be a steal for 50!
by The Dalian December 12, 2005
76 23
A show that people are ashamed to admit they love.
Perfect hair forever stars a talking hotdog, and a tree that has sex with dogs.

Whatsup with that :D?
by The Dalian December 12, 2005
30 14
The majority of the Fox networks audience apparently.
My familys last name may as well be synonymous for biggot.

My SN on diablo2 is BiggotGenocide. ^_^
by The Dalian December 12, 2005
56 84