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Women from the Rutgers College Basketball Team.
"Those are some Nappy Headed Hos, I'll Tell Ya."
by The DGNR8 April 21, 2007
1. A place where the community's lowest common demoninator go to purchase items such as guns, ammo, knives, chainsaws, hammers, and groceries. The one place where you cannot purchase any music that has what their corporate masters believe to be offensive language.

2. Walmart.
Bubba #1: "Damn, I gots to get me some ammo so I can shoot something to cook tomorrow."
Bubba #2: "Dis late at night, you gots to get your ass down to the Walmart."
Bubba #1: "Satan's Playground? Hells Yeah! I can get me some Blue Ribbon and find me a fat hog to try to find my dick tonight."
by The DGNR8 January 11, 2013
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