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2 definitions by The Curry Fag

fresh outta closet or FOC is a term referring to homosexuals who have recently come out to the world and try to exhibit this by overtly making it evident.
Guy 1: Heyy! did you see him?
Guy 2: yes! he is acting weird. I mean everyone knows that he is gay, but he just seems to over-express that fact.
Guy 1: Yea... he is just a FOC.
Guy 2: LOL
by The Curry Fag May 12, 2011
A DSA is a D*ck Sucking Appointment wherein a person, usually a college student in large classes visits his/her professor excessively for any personal motive.
Guy 1: Heyy! Where have you been?
Guy 2: I just visited Prof.H during his office hours.
Guy 1: Damn! you gotta chill with the DSAs man!
Guy 2: I need this "A" to boost my GPA.. gotta do what i gotta do you know!
by The Curry Fag May 12, 2011