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An evil little man who really pissed off Bram Stoker in about 1870. Was the American "vice"-president until the dark side spit him out in late 2008. Now his whereabouts are unknown, but experts believe they may have found one of his numerous horcruxes in a small town in Texas.
Dr. Van Helsing: How did you sneak into the White House, you creepy old racist?

Dick Cheney: Heh heh, I flew in through the window...

Harry Potter: Aaaah! Stab the diary!
by The Culture Bandit May 15, 2009
1. One small turd.

2. An adjective describing a wide array of objects including Microsoft computers, Zune media players, and American automobiles.
Person 1: This Ford FI-50 is really a piece o' crap.

Person 2: True that. A bit just snapped off in my hand.
by The Culture Bandit May 15, 2009
1. What men who drive enormous compensation trucks and wear sickening amounts of Old Spice have.

2. The way these men walk.
1. He gave off crazy crotchismo to counteract the effects of his girlish voice.

2. He walked stiffly and with much crotchismo.
by The Culture Bandit April 10, 2009
A corporation bent on achieving world domination by brainwashing idiots into buying their abysmal computers.
Mac person: I have a life.

Microsoft person: I do not, as I spend all my time smacking my piece o' crap computer and screaming at the blue screen of death.
by The Culture Bandit May 15, 2009

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