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2 definitions by The Croc hunters Evil Twin, Smiggy. The Phantom Br

how to greet someone or something when you have no fucking clue what time of day it is... like if you were in a coffin or some kind of retard living in the cellar.

also some kind of propaganda thing... for some reason.
ah, 'tis a good deebling indeed to deeble... in this... good... deeb...

A Bandicoot is a wise being from the forests of Galinadar, who has formed a coalition with Badgers to mine honeycomb for Terry The Evil Pool Shop Owner, who then gives the honeycomb to Cadbury to make Crunchie, which is really a Violet Crumble.

Then Again, I think Nestle makes Violet Crumble, BAH, I don't care, im going to cripple a small british child named Gavin Finley
Those Bandicoots Are mining Honeycomb in a coalition with Badgers, Terry the evil pool shop owner, and Cadbury, which might also be nestle', but I don't care