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1 definition by The Crimson Platypus

Slang term for semen, due to the texture of the sushi form of this spiny echinoderm being very similar to that of human male ejaculate, like that feeling when rubbed in between your fingers, but in your mouth.

Also referred to as "Urchin".
"Luckily the suspect left a good sea urchin sample in the tea kettle after stealing all the footwear in the house."

"Wow, she is hurtin' for some urchin."

"Sea Urchin anyone?"

"When using a condom be sure to squeeze the reservoir tip so there is no air in it because the condom may malfunction when the sea urchin is released into it."

"I just urchinned my pants."
by The Crimson Platypus January 07, 2011
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