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Derivative of 'bredwins' or 'bredrins'. Basically means bread-winner and is used to refer to any other person, in most cases male, but not necessarily ones friend or a person of one's accquaintance.
"Right I'm gonna count to 3, then I'm gonna start hittin breaders."
by The Crimson Avenger December 18, 2003
Another slang, slightly offensive world for a homosexual. Mostly used in place of more offensive words to refer to respected homosexuals.
Homosexual: "So how come you don't when I touch the back of your neck like that?"

Thug: "Cos I don't see you as a magoo."
by The Crimson Avenger December 18, 2003
A secret and racist term for a black person. Comes from the cockney rhyming slang, road-digger = nigger.
(walking through Brixton)
BARE roads rand 'ere innit blud...
by The Crimson Avenger December 18, 2003

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