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This requires two males; though not necessarily consensual. One male has to have a mustache so that his partner may expel his semen into it. In this brew, the cream is served before the tea. Then the man who ejaculated into his partner's mustache gives it a thorough rinse with his urine.
Tim regretted going through the trouble of grooming his bushy mustache after Charles gave him Tea With Creamer.
by The Creamery September 08, 2011
The following reagents are required to execute The Gibber: A funnel, a gallon of skim milk, and a long straw or hose. In addition, The Gibber involves three people of any sex, however, one member must be a dwarf or midget.

First, the funnel must be inserted into the vagina or anus. Secondly, after proper insertion of the funnel, the wearer of the funnel must position themselves in a manner that is conducive to receiving fluids through the funnel. Then the entire gallon of skim milk is poured down the funnel and into the chosen cavity, regardless of it's capacity (in other words, spillage may occur). Then, the funnel is replaced with a straw or hose and the other member who is not a dwarf or midget begins to drink the milk. To complete The Gibber, while the milk is being sucked out the midget or dwarf punches the member drinking the milk square in the throat.
Cali didn't want to do The Gibber because the milk tastes funny and there is always a mess to clean up afterward.
by The Creamery September 13, 2011

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