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A shitty old town in Victoria, Australia that only has 1 store, that just happens to be run by inbred derro's.

Most people who live in Longford are too fucking lazy to shower and therefore have a shitload of dandruff in their mushroom shaped haircut.

The water will give you a disease unless you filter it with many separate filters.
Scott: "What the fuck is that on Jack's back?"

Trav: "I dunno, let's ask him. OI JACK! wtf is that on ur back/shoulders?"

Jack: "Urghh my brother put a tissue in the washing machine?"

Scott: "You dont own a fucking washing machine you derro."

Trav: "Dandruff-boy says what?"

Jack: "What? It's a Longford Tradition!"
by The Cracked-Tongue Derro September 03, 2009
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