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The act of dipping your testicles into a bowl of Fizzy Soda.
Man 1 - "She grabbed my balls and dunked them into her Coke!"
Man 2 - "Wow dude, I love the Arabian Bubbles!"
#fizzy bollocks #bubbles #arabian bobbles #soda nuts #tingly testes
by The Coxdogg September 24, 2010
The act between two men fighting to decide who is 'The Giver' and who is 'The Receiver'.....by way of a 'Man-Sword Fight'!
Man 1 - "I am going to bum you".

Man 2 - No, I am going to bum you!".

Man 1 - "I challenge you to a "Man-sword" fight to decide on who shall be the 'Bummer'.

Man 2 - "I'm not into Swashbuckling. Bum away"
#swashbuckler #swashbuckle #man-sword #bumming #bummer #swashbuckled
by The Coxdogg September 05, 2011
The act of entering a bath that is filled with fizzy soda, therefore bathing in the Arabian Bubbles!
Man 1 - "i'm gonna get myself some Arabian Bubbles tonight!"

Man 2 - "I'm gonna go one step further and go for a dip in the Arabian Bubble-Tub!"

Man 1 - "Thats too much bubbles for me bro."
#arabian bubbles #fizzy bath #tingly tub #all-over-arabian #bubble bomb
by The Coxdogg October 01, 2010
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