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The name bestowed to the greatest video game player of all time by the Gods themselves! Sometimes shortened to "TCK" or just "The King". The only known recipient of the title was Mathew Leonard of England, who has had his title challenged on numerous occasions, only for them to be beat down.
Mere mortal 1 - (To TCK) "Hey, wanna game of Goldeneye 64"
Mere mortal 2 - "You can't challenge him.... He's The Console King!"
by The Console King April 30, 2007
A person who loves things retro like a NES or something like it
TCK:Come see my NES and SNES they are cool!!
Ozzy:God your such a Retrosexual
by The Console King December 04, 2005
A person who loves retro things like a N.E.S.
The Console King:Have a look at this nes and snes i have and i love them!!!
Ozzy:You are such a retrosexual!!
by The Console King December 04, 2005
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