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When Obnoxiousness meets Rock music. Generally, such music is produced by talentless nobodies in a mediocre attempt to live something of a hollow half-life of a failed musician.

Often, sub-rapist musician types will resort to Obroxious music writing in attempt to lure unsuspecting girls into their web of talentless pap. Thankfully, however, most girls have enough musical sense to not fall foul to the trap.

Other characteristics of producers of Obroxious music include: working a shitty job in delusion that it's "just until the music kicks off", sitting at home alone crying into microwave dinners for one, and spending your free time flyering for your free show at some dive nobody goes to.
Party A: "That Mr Wishart guy is such a fucking faggot, he's singing about scanning the bar like a vulture seeking prey..."

Party B: "It's so obroxious it's unrealistic. I hope he dies in a fire along with those terrible guitar loops of his."
by The Clip-On Fringe July 23, 2009

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