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A wheelchair buddy is one you will go to the same retirement home with where you will sit around all day playing bridge, talking about old times and racing each other down the hallway while having a laugh.

In essence its a friend for life!
Your my best friend! You have made the wheelchair buddy list!


Jack: Thanks for letting me stay over!

Joe: Everything for a wheelchair buddy!:)
by The Christoph August 10, 2009
Placebo Love is the act of making love with no love involved.
In other words it is sex between two people knowing that the placebo love counter part is not "the one" but both like the action in bed or wherever the placebo love takes place.
Girl: I know you and I are not going in the relationship direction but we could make some placebo love once in a while until we find us some real boy/girl friend.

Guy: Sure, I'll drop by yours at round 11 pm.
by The Christoph June 02, 2010
A combination of the words Awesome and Guys thus "Guysome" = a bunch of awesome guys.
Lets have a guysome weekend! No chicks allowed only guys having an awesome time, downing pints and playing risk.
by The Christoph August 16, 2012
The act of meeting another individual in cyber space.
On a dating site after a couple of emails back and forth between two awesome people, the conversation goes like...

Chris: ..... it was nice cyber meeting you! :)

May: It was nice cyber meeting you too, cool expression btw, lets meet up in real life as well ! :)
by The Christoph January 12, 2012

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