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When a person with a chode is ready to cum or pee, there can be a block up. It is caused by the extreme width of the urethra, so it can not properly shoot the substances out. This causes a blockage, which leads to spasms, causing shooting pains in one's chode.
Ah, dude, last night my hoe gave me a hand job and i was about to cum and i got chode spasms. It hurt for days.
by The chode scientist January 08, 2009
A substance which is located deep in the heart of a chode. It is smelly and slightly yellow. Its smell has been compared to that of a fat man's anus who just ran a mile. It tastes like tangy pineapple juice, and it is basically chode cum.
My boyfriend gave me some chode gold last night after I sucked him hard. Tasted like pineapple but smelled like poo.
by The Chode Scientist January 13, 2009
A chode which queefs. It usually effects those with a chodezilla.
I was at the party and all the sudden i heard a farting noise from this guys zipper. It was a queefing chode.
by The Chode Scientist January 13, 2009
A disorder which results in a chode. The person will be bullied, called various chode insults, and get no pussy from girls unless they are fatties. It is caused by Chodeanesia
Look at that poor guy with chode syndrome. He'll turn out to be a fag.
by The Chode Scientist January 13, 2009
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