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The act of giving a female a mustache ride when the following criteria are met:

-The female is under the age of 18 (or whatever your legal age of adulthood is pending on country/state; does not apply in Mexico.)

-The ride-giver must be in possession of a luxurious, well groomed mustache.

-The ride-giver must be at least twice the age of the rider.
Mort loves to hit up the Elementary School across the street after work; he is such a mustachatory rapist.

Merwin was totally busted again for mustachatory rape, that's the third case on his record! That means he is never allowed to be in possession of a mustache again!
by The Chili Ringer April 10, 2011
Post-anal-coital activity involving consuming the residue around the anus, including blood, fecal matter and several other fluids.
That girl is so hot, i would so chili ring her.

For my birthday, i want to chow down on a chili ring.
by The Chili Ringer November 19, 2009

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