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3 definitions by The Child

1. a TV show with Wilbur Valderama(Fez from "That 70's Show"
2. A cruel start to a funny joke.
3. Your mother.
1. "time for YO MAMA!!!"
2. "Yo mama so fat when she sit's on a rainbow skittles fall out."
3. Lynn Ann Wilson
by The Child March 28, 2008
Term used by Kelso in "that 70's show" with the meaning of boobs that are not covered by a bra or shirt.
"let me touch those jerhoobs!!"
by The Child August 26, 2007
the japanese art of EXTREME ping pong
Ching chong ching chang "ping pang" chingy chong bong whoashu!
by The Child October 24, 2007