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Someone or something that is annoying, frustrating or incredibly difficult to overcome.
The double use of 'Rat' is used to establish the utter annoyance with the subject of the conversation.
'That Tony's a right rattin' rat'
'That was a rattin' rat of a question'
by The Chicken Shed Possy May 31, 2005
Another word for the Television.
Exact origin unknown but thought to be from Australian slang
'Mate this is boring, theres nothing on the belinge'
'The god damn belinge is broken, looks like we're gonna have to crack open some more Fosters'
by The Chicken Shed Possy June 01, 2005
To drive around a residential area at low speed with your windows wide open while playing extremely loud music.
'Fancy going rattin tonight mate? We can show those posh bastards up the hill the new 50 cent song'
by The Chicken Shed Possy January 13, 2009
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