13 definitions by The Cheshire Kat

a phrase denoting (usu. mild) annoyance or displeasure (derived from crap.) pretty much on the same level as "gosh darn it" or "shoot".
"Aw, crap and a half, I left my cell phone in the car."
by The Cheshire Kat October 26, 2006
the one who always gets stuck doing the laundry, or who gets stuck with a huge pile of wash.
I am the laundry troll! I live in the basement and smell like dryer lint and Tide! Answer my three questions and I'll fold your undies!
by the cheshire kat January 26, 2009
(pronounced: jai-GOON-duh-mus) gigantic + huge + enormous, ie, really really big.
Did you see that hailstone that landed on Jay's car? Thing was gigundimous!
by the cheshire kat August 07, 2008
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