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1. A code term used to identify when a particular person who is known for lying is suspected of lying or stretching the truth at any given moment. Often the code is known amongst a group of people who associate with the suspected liar who has no idea what the word means and just laughs along in ignorance as everyone laughs at the person who just told a lie.
2. A term used interchangeably to identify a person who lies constantly and thinks no one notices.

1. A code term used to describe when something is a lie.
Word History: The word was first coined by two people as a means of letting one another know when a particular person they knew was suspected of telling a lie. This inside joke soon spread to the person’s two closest friends. Together they would all laugh uncontrollably when they or anyone else would use the word.

Just think, how many times have you heard that word?
1. When Mr. Goldstein slipped and fell in the grocery store and claimed to be seriously injured the grocery clerk told his manager that Mr. Goldstein was pulling a medic to try to sue the store.
2. Mr. Goldstein is a medic because he lied about being injured.

1. She claimed it would take 6 hours longer to get home using this route but I knew that was just another medic.
by The Cheeseburglar November 14, 2005

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