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5 definitions by The Charles

One who steals penises.
That cockrobber! I hope my insurance will pay for my new penis.

The cockrobber stole the man's penis while he was watching "Friends."

God! Pete is whipped! His girlfriend is a real cockrobber...figuratively!
by The Charles October 28, 2003
10 2
The noise one's balls make during sexual intercourse as they slap against the body of the "penis-receiver."
OHHH! Who am I? While I receive your penis, your ballnoise is icing on the cake of my ears!!

B: So...I moan on the "off-beats?"
A: Yeah, because my ballnoise will fall on the on-beats, and I want to hear it this time!

Was that ballnoise I heard in your room last night, young lady?
by The Charles October 31, 2003
6 0
The All-Important First Blowjob of one's life or, less importantly, one's relationship.
A: Oh, thanks, baby, that blowjob was all-important.
B: It was the AIFB?
A: Yar!

Are those AIFB flowers?

Steve, where'd it happen?
by The Charles October 31, 2003
3 2
to forcibly insert a blood engorged penis in the rectum of (insert direct object here)
Quit throbbing me!!!

Iowa is the throb state of all time!

I got throbbed in that game of tiddly-winks by another boy.
by The Charles October 28, 2003
64 74
One who forcibly inserts his or her penis the rectum of another person!
Hey, you throbber! Watch where you put that thing!

A: Let's play cops and throbbers!
by The Charles October 28, 2003
12 26