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1) Widespread terminal syndrome causing victims to heavily enounciate and accent the ending letters of other people's last names.
First discovered in JD-MS after several students began heavily enounciating a person's last name.
2) Affected by the presence of certain individuals.
Mike) Moharrrrrrrrrrr
Ed) Rabinnnnnnnnnnn
Mike) Moharrrrrrrrrrr
Ed) Burnnnnnnnnnnnn!
by The Cardinal January 22, 2005
verb. Usually applies to cars. To modify using body kits, alloys, vinals etc. To modify as a sham would. Originates from Irish cities especially Limerick.
"Ugh, look at that shammed up Civic. How does he get over speed bumps with those skirts?"
by The Cardinal April 04, 2005
When one door of a pair of double doors is locked closed and the other is open this is the act of repeatedly walking into the locked one.
"Ow. Damn, thats the third time that's happened today. I've got some serious Jun syndrome."
by The Cardinal April 04, 2005
From the mouth of whom we shall always remember as 'Sina'.

1) a variety of the common mope
2) Aiders
3) an epidemic
Person A) Moharrrrrrrrrrrrr
Person B) Burn in hell!
by The Cardinal January 22, 2005
Geek slang for max ie. maximum. Usually preceeded by "to the". Derived from the custom of adding '0r' to the end of words which end in 'x' or 'cks' and the hardware company Maxtor.
"I totally pwnzd to the maxt0r."
by The Cardinal April 04, 2005
noun. A male. Especially a member of the working class. Similar in meaning to the UK word chav. Often used by the working class to refer to eachother.
"How's it goin, sham?"
"Watch out that guy's a total sham."
by The Cardinal April 04, 2005
"the most racist and straight guy ever" - in his own terms

1) A variety of the common mope
2) A techie
3) A crapaper
4) A tall, unsually skeptical twig that gets pissed off when the snow around it is yellow
Anyone know where that Dimauro kid is?
by The Cardinal January 22, 2005
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