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Killing the Job is usually heard in a union shop environment when a worker is working way too fast. Working way too fast or even slightly faster than the minimum speed you can get away with takes work or paid for time away from other union members.
Union Worker 1: Holy fuck Man! You better tell Weed to slow the fuck down! Union Worker 2: You got that shit right, he's fucking killing the job!
by The CLE Steamer May 10, 2009
A cab heater is a term decades old from the trucking industry. A cab heater is a gun used for the driver’s protection. It can be a handgun either a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol or even a pump shotgun if space permits. Most of these weapons are acquired from the underground element so if used, they can be pitched and no link or connection to the driver can be made. Today, any gun in the passenger compartment of any vehicle can be called a cab heater.
Driver 1: Awe Shit, my first stop is on the East Side of Cleveland.

Driver 2: Sucks to be you. Hope you have a cab heater.
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
A Female UPS driver. Can be a Package Car or a Feeder driver. Must wear the UPS issue brown uniform.
I'd sure like to pop Buster Brownie in the ass one time when she bends over to pick my package up out of her truck.
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
A Power StoolShit is when you have to shit so bad you couldn't drive a nail up your ass with a sledgehammer, usually because you have not dropped a Steamer Poop Crap in 3 or 4 days.
Dude, speed it up a bit,I feel a Power Stool coming on that will totaly fuck up the shithouse at Wal*Mart when we get there. Cleveland Air Freshener
by The CLE Steamer May 10, 2009
Items the garbage truck won’t take, like tires, motor oil, Hazardous Materials are loaded into the car trunk, back of the mini van or pick-up truck, then driven to the parking lot of usually a big box retailer (Caution must be used as video surveillance is being used to watch for this kind of activity) and then covertly deposited usually by a light pole. Lean the tires against the pole, set the milk jugs of oil around the perimeter of the pole along with the cans of paint.
Neighbor 1: The fuckin’ garbage men won’t take those old tires off my deuce and a quarter.

Neighbor 2: Yea they don’t take none of that shit, you gotta roll by Home Depot and do the Parking Lot Recycler!
by The CLE Steamer May 12, 2009
A fast way to make some cash with just a little effort. You rent a box truck, the bigger the better (The most you can afford) with a fake or stolen ID. Pay cash up front and then proceed to drive around the inner city targeting gas stations and neighborhoods whose residents do side work on automobiles in their garages. You offer to dispose of their scrap tires for half of what a licensed hauler would normally charge. You may be referred to as a tire whore. But cash talks and bullshit walks. When the truck is full, you simply return it to the point of rental still fully loaded with the tires you charged a couple of bucks a piece to pick up. You can easily fit 4 to 5 hundred tires in a 16 footer if laced or stacked tight.
Hey Joey, you wanna go with me Friday and do some Tire Recycling? I got a stolen wallet that has a good ID in it that U-Haul will take.
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
In an office enviroment where there is little background noise to cover the sound of a fart, the Time Bomb is used to cover the sound of ripping that office fart. At precisely the moment you rip ass, you cough or produce a fake sneeze that far overshadows the sound of the Cleveland Air Freshener you just blasted out of your ass. It is also possible to get a "God Bless You" out of a co-worker when you use the sneeze option to which a "Thank You" reply is always justified.
Dude 1: Shit man, that hot chick in the cube next to me will never go out with me if she hears me farting all day. Dude 2: Fuck man, just do a Time Bomb if you don't have time to get out of your cube.
by The CLE Steamer May 09, 2009
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