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(noun) Proper term for backyard wrestlers - or any other person who wrestles matches without proper training. Will often use jumping from high places and "hardcore" weapons to hide actual talent.
J. Ross: "Jeff, you're a drug-addicted yardtard, so we're terminating your WWE contract".
by The Business September 11, 2003
Big ass thick dick. Wonderful.
Oh my God, he is packing a pipe in his pants. Wow.
by The business January 28, 2014
(noun) Alternate term for "annoying new person" or n00b. Used to confer a lower social rank on the person by the person delivering the insult.
Person1: "hey guys, limp bizkit rox"
Person2: "Shut the **** up, prole"
by The Business September 11, 2003
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