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A facial structure commonly seen in females in Maryland, generally found from the Eastern Shore up to and including parts of Baltimore. Common facial features associated with the Maryland Crab Face include a rounded, bulbous nose, flaring nostrils, cold, dark eyes, fair skin that is reddened from repeated excessive sun exposure, and light-colored, often dyed, hair. Upon closer inspection, the face resembles that of a Chesapeake Bay crab.
That chicks body is good but you have to deal with that rough personality and her matching Maryland Crab Face.
by The Bullet May 21, 2008
A thoroughbred racehorse that dominates the field with the power of 10,000 mother fuckers.

Secretariat ran like a fucking motengator.
by The Bullet March 15, 2008
Term used by horse racing fans to root for their animal to hit the wire first. Commonly heard eminating from the crowd as the horses reach the finish line.
"Hit this horse...hit him...Get up there you sweathog!!!"
by The Bullet June 05, 2008

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