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A small-medium sized, 8 square mile city located in Rhode Island which is overpopulated, and offers any real diversity outside of Providence. Most people outside the state know the city for the Pawtucket Redsox where people can watch the hot young prospects of the Bosox in the newly renovated stadium.

Yuppie folk from other cities such as Barrington, Jamestown, and East Greenwich fear spending any real time in the city, and couldnt imagine sending their child to tolman high school or shea high school, among the state's worst high schools.

The parents of rich kids will speed to get out of the city while locking their doors and pulling up their windows, taking cover in Attleboro, Ma or Cumberland. Once these rich kids are home in their half million dollar houses they will download the latest hip hop/r&b Eminem or Snoop and pretend they live in Pawtucket without the fear of being beaten by a bat.

There is no real nice sections of Pawtucket, just more worse than others. The city is too small to be any real distance away from Prospect Heights or Galego Courts. The abandoned mill factories are slowly being transformed into pricy loft apartments where there is hope of brining artists into the city... an alternative to providence.

The writer/producer of Family Guy, being graduates of RISD, focuses the show out of Rhode Island, specifically Providence and Pawtucket (hence the 'toy factory' Peter works at and 'pawtucket pat', the characters' favorite brew.
Child: Can we go to a Pawsox game tonight, Mommy?

Mom: Sure, but on our way through the city make sure you dont look at anyone the wrong way and keep your doors locked."

Child: Why is that?

Mom: Its Pawtucket, hunnie.
by The Bucketer March 30, 2006
Drinking fountain. The word is predominantly used in parts of the upper Midwest, Rhode Island, and Australia. It is said that in a couple of places that the usage may be related to the Wisconsin-based manufacturer, Kohler, which marketed a fountain under the Bubbler name around 1914.

Within New England, "bubbla" is used most in the State of rhode island, but because of the state's close proximity to Mass, many residents of Mass may also be familiar with the term.
Teacher: Why were you wait for class?
Student: Sorry, i stopped for a drink from the bubbla.
by The Bucketer March 31, 2006

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