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Arriving on the green in regulation of any given hole while playing golf. Evolved from 'being on the dance floor,' to 'you're dancin,' to 'you're Ted Dansen,' to 'Gettin' gettin' some Ted!' Best used in team play to inform your partner of your status, works best when money is invloved, and when sung to the harmony of the song "Gettin' Some (Head)" by artist Shawnna.
On a Par 5, you're partner is only within shouting distance of you. Your third shot sticks on the green, awarding you a point in your bet with the other team. You proclaim that you are 'Gettin' some Ted' while you dance around your opponent, and loud enough so your teammate in the other cart can engage in the same behavior, demoralizing your opponents.
by The Bromissioner March 03, 2010
Derived from the term Gettin' Some Ted. Refers to reaching the green in under regulation. Specifically, this means reaching the green in one shot on a par 4, and two shots on a par 5. Just as with Gettin' Some Ted, the proclamation of Super Ted is best facilitated by a cash-based team competition. Due to its rare occurance, it is usually worth substantially more cash, often 'Tall Cash.' When achieveing Super Ted, it is generally acceptable to relentlessly demean your opponents, breaking their spirit to the point that an overall win in the match becomes very probable. Super Ted is rumored to make your penis grow two inches on the spot, but this is completely unfounded and by the sheer laws of physics, is almost certainly untrue. This rumor may have started because ahieveing Super Ted is apparently so awesome, it probably gives the person that accomplished it a boner.
A foursome is standing on the tee of a relatively short par 4. One golfer rips a beautiful drive that rolls up onto the green. Absolute pandemonium breaks out within the confines of the team that achieved Super Ted. They then spend the next few minutes gloating, dancing, singing Gettin' Some Ted and counting fake dollar bills in front of the now mentally crushed opposing team.
by The Bromissioner March 04, 2010
Refers to all-out partying, getting wild, and crazier than most people could even imagine. Usually involves getting blacked out drunk and probably heavy drug usage. Someone who regularly particpates in a ragefest apocolypse would laugh in the face of someone who said they were planning on 'raging.' That is considered totally pussy compared to ragefest apocolypse.
Like saying to your friend: "Dude, when we go to Vegas this weekend it's going to be a fucking ragefest apocolypse."
by The Bromissioner March 12, 2010
A fiscal interaction between two or more people that is deemed to be of larger proportions than to what those parties are accustomed. It's addicting nature leads to some to refer to it as a 'Gateway Bet,' as it often leads to 'Super Tall Cash', 'Cash of the Largest Proportions,' and 'Bat Shit Crazy Cash.' Besides being a gambling term, it is also used to identify those who are badass, being that, usually, only those types of people will play for Tall Cash
You are about to engage in some sort of competition with a few of your friends. Someone asks 'you wanna play for cash?' You respond 'psshhh... I only play for tall cash bitch.' This let's your competitor know that you only play for large amounts of money, and your condescending tone emulates confidence as well as the mindset of a badass.
by The Bromissioner March 04, 2010

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