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The art of Bros being Bros. Bromosexuality is not to be confused with homosexuality. They are two very very very very very and again i stress very different thngs. All Bros know that a Bro should obide by the simple rules of Bromosexuality. Any good Bro allways fallows the Ancient Broheeshian philosophy of Bromosexuality.

The main 5 rules of bromosexuality are:
1. Bros before hos

2. When a Bro is in need help of anything, you have drop what your doing and help him out. (However, this rule is to be voided if your Bro is doing anything that doesnt involve dumping a chick.)

3. One shall not have sex with another Bro's ex, unless she is of the hotness of atleast a 7 out of 10.

4. If one of your Bros are in a fight, you are required to "get his back" and help him out, providing that your Bro has not provoked a man that is bigger or blaccker then you are.

5. Bros are to stick together through thick and thin, or until there is no more beer available on hand.
Guy 1: Wow, look at that guy, he is such a bromosexual. He's gotta be like, the master of Bromosexuality.

Guy 2: Yeah. I wish i were him.

Guy 1's lady friend: I must have his dick, like... now.

Guy 1: Thats understandable.
by The Bro Master November 02, 2010

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