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Something that was probably a good idea at first and then got seriously over the top and banned things that didn't offend anybody in the first place.

Eg -

We can't say blackboard (but we can say whiteboard.)
We can't sing Ba Ba Blacksheep (we sing Ba Ba Happy Sheep)
Teacher: Okay, Martin, come and write your name on the blackboard.

Martin: Teacher, I am very offended by you the chalkboard a blackboard, even though it is actually a board that is black.

Teacher: Sorry, Martin, I forgot my Political Correctness!
by The British One June 26, 2009
The voice of most teenaged American females. Sounds very high-pitched. When people from other countries impersonate an American accent, they do a Bubblegum Voice.

Bubblegum voices are slightly annoying, but very funny and very adorable.
Raven, you have such a Bubblegum Voice!
by The British One June 25, 2009

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