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very similar to a sorostitute but less classy; always keep it classy San Diego. Known to wear black and brown, rampur's with no bra, and wearing sunglasses with their sorority on the side. Also their vaginas have been compared too the Bermuda Triangle...even if you get out you will never been the same. Almost as likey to put date rape in your drink as the guys from KA.
Do those girls breathe STD or what...Yeah man, those sorohoes...got to watch out one day you're getting mad sex the next you have to take a little blue pill twice a day. Herpes...that shit is for life brochacho.
by The Branch December 17, 2010
the type of haircut usually associated with "metrosexuals" who have a fancy for the Didgeridoo. This is for the likeness between sucking cock and playing a didgeridoo. This haircut is called the Closet Haircut because it is how the closet homosexual starts his process of coming out of the metophorical gay butt sex closet. This haircut is usually only produced in Los Angeles, but somehow found its way to Dallas, Texas.
What is that new haircut that Richie got? Oh....you mean the Closet Haircut.
by The Branch December 05, 2010
the term for when you drink so much tequila you start hearing your walls serenading you with "A thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. In a mariachi fashion, also hanging from this sombrero are rusty fish hooks with raw goat meat the source of this goat meat is unknown. But legend has it the Chupacabra leaves it. Kind of like a really fucked up tooth fairy. Good to note that your name usually ends in -ita, -ito, if you have multiple first names, or your name is consuela.
Bro I got so schwasted last night I think I hit a salty sombrero: and yes I did cry when my walls serenaded me.
by The Branch November 28, 2010
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