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A groundbreaking and revolutionary new way for gangsters, thieves and other assorted pikeys to steal money out of your bank account in a way that means they don’t have to practise your signature anymore. A “chip” is inserted in your bank card that contains all the details of your hard-earned savings account so that in the event of someone stealing your card, all of the information is right there for them.
Thieving Pikey #1 - Hey, I’ve found a chip and pin card lying in this man’s wallet
Thieving Pikey #2 - Sweet. Lets take it to my ten-year-old brother’s computer and hack all of the information out of it.
Thieving Pikey #1 - Then we can hire that Paris Hilton movie everyone's been on about.
Thieving Pikey #2 - Movie? With this baby we can hire Paris Hilton

by The Boy Biff June 13, 2006

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