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A can or bottle used to carry alcohol.
Bob- How the hell are you going to drink in the middle of lunch period?
Steve- Easy dude, hobo flask.
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by The Bourbonator April 25, 2011
The sorrow one occasionally feels when drunk. Usually occurs when one drinks when he/she is in a bad mood. The affected person will often be saddened by anything and/or everything wrong in that person's life, no matter how important or trivial (most often trivial). Often accompanied (but not remedied) by more drinking.
Bob- Fuckin spilled my drink again...*sniff*...'can't do anything right. *eyes watering*
Steve- hey man, it's cool; I'll get you another one. It was just Popov anyway.
Tim- Is Bob alright?
Steve- Eh, you know, he's just got the Booze Blues, is all.

-Toilette's backed up again...*sniff*...WHY ME?! WHY NOW?!
#drunk #sad #blues #booze blues #booze
by The Bourbonator April 25, 2011
An alcoholic beverage carefully smuggled into an establishment or location that prohibits the consumption of liquor or under age drinking.

An alcoholic drink disguised in an inconspicuous container (ie. a soda can, or canteen), with the intent of being consumed out in the open. Similar in function to a hobo flask.

A reference to the Kennedy family's wealth as a result of peddling alcohol during the prohibition.
-Jesus Christ, this church party is going to suck! I'm bringing a Kennedy.

-Wow, this movie isn't nearly as funny as I thought it'd be, should have brought a Kennedy.
#kennedy #alcohol #a kennedy #kennedies #hobo flask
by The Bourbonator April 25, 2011
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