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A fag who is into the "Twilight" franchise. Can be either male or female.
That forum is full of Twifags
by The Boobster February 21, 2009
Having an abundance of boobs, much boobage. This word exists largely to save males from having to utter lengthy phrases such as "wow, look at those knockers" or "holy hell those are some huge chest-hams". Rather, one simply says "boobulous"
Boobulous! (The beauty of the term is that it is a single-word sentence)
by The Boobster April 16, 2006
A dirty bomb is a devious tactical maneuver wherein one approaches foes, either openly or by stealth, before unleashing a bare-ass rectal toot and then running away.

It is called a dirty bomb because the air in the target area is thick with ass particles long after the perpetrator has fled the scene. Instead of radiation poisoning, this WMD leaves a signature plague of pink eye.
T minus 7 seconds for dirty bomb delivery. Goggles on, gentlemen. God help us.
by The Boobster June 27, 2011

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