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2 definitions by The Boobie Master

It's when a man takes his hands and smooshes both of the girls' boobs together. It always makes the girl squeal like a little piggy.
"Hey man, how'd your date with Cindy go last night?" Bob

"It was great! I made sure to boobiebash her for over 30 minutes!" Henry
by The Boobie Master June 12, 2009
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This can only happen when a white male is going inside the brown eye of a japanese female. Right as the male is about to cum, he drives his elbows into the female's back (thus making a cracking noise). The male is then the japanese cracker, making the female the japanese crackee. Sometimes as a bonus, the male can also cum on the japanese crackee's back, which makes a nice little reminder of the night's events for the woman.
"Oh man, I was a total Japanese Cracker last night!" Bob

"Did you cum on her back? Only real men can get away with that." George

"I always do! It was EVERYWHERE!" Bob
by The Boobie Master June 24, 2009
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