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A stoner must never be steroetyped into the category of druggy and pothead.

I would define a stoner as someone who is rarely completely sobre of marijuana. always happy and always willing to help people in many ways. we are deeply philosophical people, always trying to understand and interpret the world we live in, and being high broadens our minds and enables us to gain full respect of the beauty of our world. yeah we may spend a large amount of our money of skunk but i would rather be financially challenged but happy, than have the ability to buy pointless material items and be an empty soul-less person. I have a huge pride in being a a stoner because i know that when i am discriminated against, that i am better than that person. The thing i enjoy most about being a stoner is being with my friends. im not necessarily a stoner just for the weed, thats ridiculous, im a stoner because it has brought me friends that i consider to be family. the weed is a bonus that helps us to bond better. we will sit in a field at night for hours, under a tree, with candles and guitars, just talking about the world, trying to figure out the meanings of life and other random shit like that. being a stoner brings so many interesting things upon you. such as the infamous stoner adventures, when you get the munchies and the nearest shop is an hours walk, we just get on with it and make the trek. life is full of challenges however big or small that need to be faced without fuss. because in the end, getting shitty to someone about having to walk miles to get food, isnt going to solve the problem, so just get on with it.

god damn im too damn high to be wrtiting this, but onwards....

this world is full of stereotype and dicrimination. almost all the abuse we receive comes from lowlife scum who think they are cleaner and somehow better than us, even though they consume literal poisons like alcohol and tobacco. cannabis is proven as a virtually harmles substance, with zero chance of fatality from overdose and no longterm symptoms. it has even been medically proven to remove fatty buildup from arteries around the body.

so if you happen to see someone you think is a stoner, dont think, "look theres a dirty stoner, watch your wallet..." just think, hes probably keeping himself to himself and try to get into his mindset and appreciate the world through his eyes.

when im sitting in a stoner circle, strumming away, maybe setting up a bong bowl, rolling a blunt, or simply grinding up some bud for my buddy sitting next to me rizla in hand, i like to think to myself,,, im sitting here in a circle around a 3 foot bong, not able to see a metre in front of my face for the hotbox effect, with empty chocolate wrappers everywhere, and everyone is smiling, everyone is talking and enjoying themselves.

this is why i am proud to be what i am.

a stoner.
the dialogue of a recent stoner circle:

Stoner 1: dude who has the blunt ?
Stoner 2: whoaaa, i think im having a paradox
Stoner 3: whats a paradox bro ?
Stoner 1: i just read it off the side of that duude's bike helmet....

All Stoners: LOL.

Stoner 4: i just ';';# (incomprihensible)



Stoner 1: safe.
by The Bongoloid February 24, 2008

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