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A compression bomb made from "the works" and aluminum foil. Causes mass chaos and disciplinary issues at all-male, college prep schools.
Austin placed a works bomb on the principal's front steps, and got suspended.
by The Bomb Squad April 21, 2005
A popular phrase between November 20th and Januray 18th 2005, where the bomb squad planned to take cover at their safe house in Indiana. (signs still exist today)
We're fucked! Indiana or bust baby, Indiana or bust!
by The Bomb Squad April 24, 2005
The totally tight and incrediably hot group of guys who constructed works bomb's, and caused outrage and general upheaval at homes across Mn.

To be tight knit.
"All the hot girls want to have sex with the bomb squad."
"St. Thomas Academy has kicked out 3 members of the bomb squad."
"Man they are laid back, like a bomb squad.
by The Bomb Squad April 21, 2005
1)Someone who snitches on there friends to the police because they are a snitch.
2) To snitch to the cops.
1)Bemuse works for the pig pen and tipped off the police on his best friend.
2) Jane bemused the BS after they talked to her.
by The Bomb Squad April 24, 2005
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