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A mastodon sized sketch ball. So basically a dinosaur sized sketch ball. Someone who is EXTREMELY sketchy.
Gina: So my RA really freaks me out, he's a total creeper!
Bob: He sounds like a sketchodon to me...
by The Blonde Bombers January 19, 2009
When a girl wears pants that are too loose in the hip region giving the impression that she has male anatomy. (Must be said with a french or british accent.)
Bob: Look at that girl she looks like she has a penis.

Gina: Oh man, that is an intense faux-package!
by the blonde bombers January 19, 2009
A dinosaur sized douche-bag, a person worse than a douche-bag but not as bad as a fucktard.
(pronounced: douche-a-saurus)
Gina: Matt never texted me back last night.
Bob: What a douchesaurus.
by The Blonde Bombers January 19, 2009
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